1. The shaft lines should be kept concentric when the coupling is connected with a motor. The installation error should not bemore then the tolerance value of the coupling.

  2. When the output shaft is installed with the coupling or belt wheel, they should be pressed into the screw hole on shaft end, or assembled by heating. No hammering should be done on it.
  3. The mechanical stepless speed variator is not used in such a occasion where overload or running-blockage happen to occur.
  4. Speed-regulation should be effected in running. No turning the hand wheel of speed-regulation when the machine stops.
  5. The banking screws of speed-regulation on tow ends under the operating box are well adjusted. Please donít touch them.
  6. This set is not suited to work in the environment of above 40 C, especially more than 45 C when the temperature goes up.

    When the variator starts to work (without load), the temperature rise higher than normal, up to 40~50 C above the environment temperature. After 60-80 hours running, the temperature will decrease gradually. Finally, the temperature will be about 20 C higher than surrounding and keep stable. The high temperature at beginning do not damage any parts of variator and do not effect its service life. (Suggestion: running without load at first.)

  7. The liquid lubricating oil is used for the speed variator. Its trade mark is Ub-3. Please check up the oil level before use.

  8. The machine is filled with lubricating oil before leaving the factory. When it starts to work up to 1000 hours for the first time, its lubricating oil should be replaced.
  9. The lubricating oil level inside the speed variator should be kept at the height of one-third in the oil scale. Users should usually check up the height of oil level.

    It is strictly prohibited to operate it short of lubricating oil. The air screw nut on the operating box is screwed up for preventing from oil leakage in moving when leaving the factory.

    It should be loosed when it start to run. It is strictly forbidden to use it before loosing.

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