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The BM line motors are available from frame size 56 132 in aluminium die cast casing. These motors are totally enclosed fan cooled with squirrel cage rotor and are supplied with IP55 protection and IP 56 is also available on request. These motors are suitable to run on multiple voltages and multi frequency 50/60Hz with changes in electric sizes. These motors are with F class insulation & S1 continues duty service. These motors are energy efficient 2 as standard and energy efficient 1 is also available on request.

The BM line motors are designed to suite many mounting arrangements as the foot of the motor can be mounted at many direction to suite the position of the terminal box. The terminal box also can rotate at any direction to suite the position of input power supply. The terminal board is equipped with 6 terminal so that the motor can run on both Star & delta arrangements

The BM line motors are supplied with cooling standard IC 411 and on request several other cooling standards are also available.

The winding of the motors undergoes an impregnation process which is carried out in vacuum; this whole process improves the performance of the motor under various conditions especially with VFDs. The BM series motors are suitable to function with inverter.

Bonvario motors are available in 3phase, 1phase, Brake type & dual speed. The 1phase motors are also totally enclosed fan cooled motors fitted with starting capacitor and running capacitor for better safety & performance and is also fitted with clutch switch system for better starting torque. The brake motors are supplied with hand release lever so that the brake can be manually released when the power supply is off. The dual speed motors are available with wide range of power options.

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